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You got to love my tailor

A good friends of mine was getting married and that meant calling Henry, one of the best tailors in the business, to measure me for a new hot outfit that I was going to use on that extraordinary wedding day. I came across this Henry stud on webcams.com during one of my webcam lusty representations that excited him so much that he offered to tailor my clothes for free. But apart from getting everything for free, I also cherish his naughty way of taking my measures. He commences by taking all my clothes off and gently massaging my big tits to see whether they’ve grown or not. Then he squeezes my ass really hard and jots something down. Afterwards he covers my pussy with one of his palms and both my nipples with his other arm, jotting something down again. In the end he always gets behind me and massages my big tits with passion for about five minutes, lifting my boobs and letting them fall and bounce a couple of times. And believe it or not his clothes always suit me perfectly… Click here to view our last show pics and here to view our profile and find out more about us.