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Month: December, 2018

I Have Expensive Taste

I’ve been an avid viewer of webcams for quite awhile now and it’s definitely my go to for sexual release. I absolutely love how raw they are. The girls are absolutely gorgeous, and they’re genuine. There aren’t any scripts so their personalities get to shine through. That gives you a better sense of who they really are and adds to the excitement. Most of them don’t have hair and makeup teams to make them look gorgeous, so viewers get to see what they really look like. Without directors and a whole ensemble of people telling them how to move and what to do, they have the freedom to just do what feels good to them, and when they’re genuinely into it so is the viewer.

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Tease Me Baby

Most women bitch and say that men aren’t into foreplay, but I say that’s bullshit. Damn near any man walking this Earth is going to appreciate it when a woman puts forth the effort to seduce him. My ex wife used to randomly do little strip teases for me. She would just walk into a room on an ordinary day and give me this look. Right then I knew I was about to have my world rocked. She would slowly remove one item of clothing at a time keeping my cock in suspense even though I had seen her bare body many times before. By the time she was fully nude I was squeezing my pecker trying to hold off the massive load of jizz that was dying to burst out of the head of my cock.

She doesn’t strip for me anymore so now I have to resort to strip sex cams and I have to admit these ladies are better looking than my ex and willing to get even dirtier.