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Feisty Brunette Wants to Play

Remember when bathroom walls used to have “For a good time call” messages scrawled all over the stalls? It was usually a prank or the phone number of some chick that pissed someone off, but guys still called anyway just in case. Then came Craigslist and other online bulletin boards where you could get the number to real girls who would really give you a good time for the right price.

For those of us who prefer to do things with a little less risk, there are cam sites. Those girls always give a good time and I can enjoy them without having to go to a clinic for a prescription later.

Last night I was enjoying the Kristinaalmaz bongacams chat room and realizing just how good this generation has it. Naked girls can be at our fingertips 24/7. We can meet new babes all we want without ever having to leave the house. These chicks don’t care if you stare at them and jerk off, it’s expected!

Technology has enriched lives in so many ways and I think porn deserves far more credit than it gets. Now instead of calling up some poor girl unfortunate enough to have her number written on a wall, we just find a babe waiting in front of her webcam.