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Skye Watson is Wild!

This is one of the more mild pics I could find of Skye Watson. She’s a touch of crazy and a whole lot of fun. She does all kinds of interesting things. The first time I saw her she was doing this furry thing, had a butt plug with a tail and some hair clip with fox ears pinned to her haid and I thought “oh no a furry”, but then I happened to see her thumb on the featured list another and she was doing completely regular stuff like this pic here.

I mean she’s going at it pretty hardcore but she does in all her shows. It’s just that this is more mainstream. Then another time I saw her with stuff written on herself, even on her forehead. She’s definitely out there and perhaps I would not hang with her in real life, she might be a bit too much of a space cadet for me, but in this setting this is just perfect.

She’s different than the others and I definitely recommend you watch SkyeWatson strip on webcam.